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About us

ELPLAST-KPZ Rokycany company continues in several year production of cabinets and electrical meter cabinets in the Czech Republic. Our company replaced traditional materials for cabinets production (mainly steel and concrete) by composite SMC plastic material meeting the difficult criteria of the European and world standards.

The electrical meter cabinets production is concentrated in the place of business in Mlečice, Rokycany district. 

The ELPLAST-KPZ Rokycany company has been working in the field of cabinets and electrical meter cabinets production almost 30 years. All the production takes place in the Czech Republic and is made exclusively of high-quality components and on devices of own or European production. Assembly is made entirely by trained personnel with experience and verified practice in our company. Majority of electrical meter cabinets components are almost exclusively of local production.

Our company pays attention to customer satisfaction as well as own professional reputation. All our staffs are prepared to help you with product application, working, electrical meter cabinets service during whole long lifespan. Almost thirty years of market activity proves our reliability and stability. All products are tested and certified according to European standards. Electrical meter cabinets made in our company are granted by quality label ESČ and Czech quality. Electrical meter cabinets development and
production is kept and certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 in all our establishments.





Our offer of electrical meter cabinets consists of more than 1000 catalogue items. We provide custom modification and adjustment of electrical meter cabinets as well as completely custom-made electrical meter cabinets. Our production is flexible and makes modifications precisely meeting customers placing and demands. During electrical meter cabinets adjustment mainly development operatives are fully available for customers. Delivery time is usually no longer than 14 days in all above mentioned cases, including custom built electrical meter cabinets and also extensive one-time orders. Transport is provided by our company, contracting party or by haulage contractor.