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SMC Material

SMC Material

Our company uses high-quality SMC composite material from the German company Menzolit GmbH for the production of switchboards.

SMC (Sheet Molding Compounds) is thermosetting composite material on the base of nonsaturated polyester resins and other components reinforced by glass fibers.
This material shows even after a long-term exposure to the weather conditions (30 years and more), marks of visual changes only, which do not have, according to the performed measurements, practically any impacts on the change of mechanical and electrical material properties. 

Using SMC material for electrical meter cabinets and other cabinets shows a lot of advantages in comparison with thermoplastic materials, where long term exposure to weather conditions can cause irreversible changes of mechanical properties - for example distinct loss of impact resistance due to the UV radiation. Toughened SMC material is harmless. Glass fibers present no risk also in case of surface erosion after long-term use. It is non-toxic material, which does not cause any disease in case of outer skin injury. Product disposal after lifespan (it is not time limited up to now) has no negative impact on environment. Subsequent shredding and recycling can be used.

Most important advantages of SMC material for electrotechnical products

  • high level of short- term and permanent mechanical, statistical and dynamical material strain
  • permanent thermal load without mechanical strength loss of material
  • shape heat stability of the material without warping
  • size stability of parts without shrinking
  • high fire resistance and producing arc resistance
  • excellent electrical insulation properties of the material with stray current protection
  • chemical resistance without corrosive microcracks

The physical and mechanical SMC material properties have been proven according to valid standard (DIN, IFC, ISO etc.). The supplier of the SMC moulding material is subject to certification
procedures according to the relevant ISO standards.

Colouring of SMC cabinets

Colouring of cabinets is not necessary. If the colour of RAL 7035 shade is not suitable because of architectural reasons, the SMC surface can be additionally refined by traditional methods such as polyurethane-based or acrylic-based top coatings. Thus, desired appearance of the product can be ensured.

Environment and disposal conditions

The SMC material used to produce cabinets is harmless and environmentally safe. Used plastic material is recyclable and ELPLAST-KPZ
Rokycany company makes a commitment to take it back and arrange a disposal of damaged or end-life products.